Alice's CharacterEdit

"Tom can't decide if Alice is good or evil. She terrifies the local village lads, is related to two of the most evil witch clans (the Malkins and the Deanes) and has been known to use dark magic. But she was trained as a witch against her will and has helped Tom out of some tight spots. She seems to be a loyal firend, but can she be trusted?" is the explanation given in the book.

Alice Deane

Alice is a good soul who can't seem to find her way on the moral compass. She tries to stay away from the dark, but she is willing to do anything, including dealing with the dark, to protect Tom.

When Tom first introduce Alice to his family in book one, Mam was wary of her, giving Alice a room opposite her own. However, she knew that she and Tom were closely linked and would be very powerful people against the dark. Alice claims the Mam told her to use "anything" to save Tom, and she uses that as an excuse when she's caught using the powers of the dark to help protect him.

The Spook doesn't trust her, and so she dislikes him. She often refers to him as "Old Gregory".

Alice is smart and uses her wit to get out of situations. For example, in the book "Witches", Alice is shown to cleverly trick Bony Lizzie's familiar, so that he wouldn't kill her.

Alice's BackgroundEdit

Alice has always believed that she was the daughter of a Deane and a Malkin, the parents that she grew up with. After a series of events, Bony Lizzie, her 'aunt' comes and takes her away, raising her as a witch.

Later, it is discovered that Bony Lizzie is actually Alice's mother, who had a child with the Fiend so that the Fiend would have to leave her alone. Alice becomes distraught on learning she is the daughter of the devil and Bony Lizzie, a horrible witch.

After training for 2 years in witchcraft, Alice meets Tom and tries to trick him into freeing Mother Malking. Later, she helps Tom flee from Bony Lizzie and get rid of Mother Malkin.